Friday, October 12, 2012

Canadian Thanksgiving

So far two of our "Canadian Thanksgiving"get togethers haven't worked.  On Sunday our friends daughter had a cold and it looks like tonight our friends (both who have newborns) might reschedule since Oliver has a runny nose.  We'll see.  so instead of the real deal we went out for Turkey sandwiches.  Hopefully this sunday we'll get to do the real meal.  

Took Oliver to the children's museum and he grew!  He was able to reach things that he coudlnt' get to last time.  He jsut keeps enjoying parks/play places more and more.  

So here's a photo of our house.  The shutters on the exterior haven't been put up yet.  They did put on some of the porch trim finally and finally finished the fence after two weeks.  Now we're just waiting for them to fix some tile in the entry way and the house will be complete!